This exhibition provides a means to compare specific pages from the Morgan Picture Bible and the Psalter of Louis IX.  The site visually investigates the complex nature of Christian kingship in thirteenth-century France during the reign of Louis IX.  The selected folios represent the biblical narratives depicted in both manuscripts, pairing them on the same page to allow the viewer to examine the similarities and differences.  Louis IX likely commissioned both manuscripts in question; the Psalter contains text that dedicates the work to the king, and the Morgan bible, while more unclear, was certainly produced for a high ranking French noble.  This project will follow the scholarly assertions that designate Louis IX as the patron of the Morgan bible. 

Overall, the exhibition aims to demonstrate, through comparision of the Morgan Picture Bible and the Psalter of Louis IX, that Louis IX's conception of kingship involved a nuanced and complex balance of military prowess and Christian piety.

Along with the main body of the exhibition, additional pages provide general information on the historical and artistic context of the manuscripts.  The page entitled "Life of Louis IX" offers a timeline of the major events of the king's life; "Additional Resources" contains a bibliography of primary and secondary related sources; and "What is a Manuscript?" provides general information about the vocabulary associated with manuscripts and a link to a video demonstrating the creation of manuscripts.